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CRM Software

CRM Software

Our CRM Software solution give organizations business data to help provide services or products that your customers want, offer better customer service, help sales teams to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, close deals, retain current customers and to better understand exactly who your customers are. Organizations frequently look for ways to personalize online experiences through tools such as help-desk software, email organizers and different types of enterprise applications.

Decrease your customer management costs with our CRM software is an important decision that will greatly affect the operations of your company. We will help you decide which solution fits best with your business goals and needs. CRM software systems are clearly one of the most critical applications at the disposal of your successful business.

We also have service plans to keep you covered and prices for any budget. For more information, you can always reach out to us through our Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you through one of our live agents.

Some Of Our CRM Software Features



Customize your CRM the way you want it to look. Add your Company Logo and Branding name.


Custom Fields And Forms

Add the Fields, Forms and Sections of your choice and retrieve these information anytime with speed.


Email Integration

Get full access to your Email or Campaign Email from inside your CRM and respond quickly.



Import and Export your Data as PDF or a Document for archival and backup. Data of any size and number.



Control your Users and Groups through our integrated Role Based Access Control on a Need To Know basis.


Secure Online Access

TLS Encrypted Sessions and a secure VPN tunnel to your CRM, we can even restrict access to your CRM based on IP Address or a Subnet Mask if required.



Our Local CRM is highly modular and will accommodate your current and future requirements whatever it is.


Unlimited Users

Build Users and Groups on the fly and associate their required permissions as well as restrictions.


Custom Applications

We also build custom application software for Hospitals and Governmental Sectors as well as we host them.


Convert Papers into Digital

Convert all your Paper documents and files into digital for fast search and access and a better data retention policies. Save you money and efforts.


Load Balanced Internet

We have over 5 Internet connections with huge bandwidth. They are professionally Load Balanced over UTM Firewalls in Active/Active Mode. Adding more connections and bandwidth is always an easy plan.


Server Load Balance

We can host an unlimited number of Virtual Server for all TCP UDP Protocols. For your clients, it appears as just one server. This is a highly available approach. The Load Distribution, Scalability, and Maintenance Schedules you will admire.


We make sure that you can easily find out who has changed what and when through our intensive logging.

Unlimited Search Criteria

You can search your Data based on any type of search criteria needed, such as Data and Time, Person, Name, Credit Card and the like.


Web Application Firewall

We always take a step further from our competition. We provide a Web Application Firewall to all our Web Servers with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.


Power Backup

Our entire network is running over Battery System, backed up through a Power Generator Set with Automatic switches waiting to kick in any second. We just wanna make sure that we can work in peace.

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BPO Call Center Philippines is an around the clock CRM Software and Customer Support Services, it is what every business needs to stay competitive in today’s Technology. Serving the call center outsourcing needs of our clients, BPO Call Center Philippines has been successfully providing professional customer support services for decades.

Our experienced Customer Support Agents are managed by true professionals with high quality standards. Our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality CRM Software and customer support services around the clock at low cost.

Take advantage of our CRM Software and learn firsthand how our professional customer support services will enhance your business. We understand the importance of a call center software solution that can be specifically adapted to your individual needs. For more information, you can always reach out to us through our Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you through one of our live agents!

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