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Ticketing System HelpDesk

Ticketing System HelpDesk

Organized capturing of tickets and categorizing them accurately, it allows for proper management of issues resulting in quick resolution time. Each member of our team come up with the best solution so we can provide fast, efficient and quality service to our customers.

We provide real-time response to a customer’s query through gathering all the information needed to help them. A ticketing system helpdesk allows us to automate ticket assignment, routing and escalation to the right agent in a fast manner. It saves time and effort to our help desk team and improves the productivity of our help desk agents.

Evermore, our ticketing system helpdesk is specially designed to organize issues as they are raised and keeps track of all the fixes that have been made therefore, making sure that all the concerns we receive are being worked on as efficient as we can. Agents are also trained to respond to different complaints as professional and quick as possible while maintaining an accurate and effective delivery of resolution. That being said, rest assured that with our Ticketing System HelpDesk Agents all your Customer Support will be handled professionally by our team with the highest standards and with our best efforts.

We also have service plans to keep you covered and prices for any budget. For more information, you can always reach out to us through Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you with one of our live agents. 

Our Ticketing System HelpDesk The Features


Company Branding

Customize your Ticketing System HelpDesk the way you want it to look. Add your Company Logo and Branding name.


Secure Online Access

TLS Encrypted Sessions. Restrict access based on IP Address, a Subnet or even through a VPN Connection.



Control your Users and Groups through our integrated Role Based Access Control on a Need To Know basis.


Teams And Departments

Build Users, Teams, Departments and Groups on the fly and associate their required permissions as well as restrictions.


Custom Fields And Forms

Add and provide a name to the Fields, Forms and Sections of your choice into your Ticketing System HelpDesk Software and retrieve these information anytime.


Daily Scheduled Backup

We have a daily scheduled backup with high availability to make sure clients never lose valuable data. We can make it hourly if required.



We make sure that you can easily find out who has changed what and when through our intensive logging.



Our Local Ticketing System HelpDesk software is highly modular and will accommodate your current and future requirements whatever it is.


Email Integration

Get full secure access to your customer service Emails from inside your Ticketing System HelpDesk software and respond quickly and professionally.



Build and customize your Frequently Asked Questions and Answers and organize them into categories and sections.


Remote Access Support

We offer all kind of Remote Access Support, such as Remote Desktop, Teamviewer, Real VNC and the like, our Agents are skilled and training is a breath.


Intensive Reporting

Intensive reporting through our software as well as our Skilled Employees will be provided daily and even hourly, no excuses.


Web Application Firewall

We can host an unlimited number of Virtual Server for all TCP UDP Protocols. For your clients, it appears as just one server. This is a highly available approach. The Load Distribution, Scalability, and Maintenance Schedules you will admire.


Reverse Authentication

Our Proxies can authenticate users directly instead of the real server. A 2way factor authentication between the Proxy and the server, and Proxy and your clients. This will ensure that your users will only authenticate once, even if multiple virtual server is in place. Your Branded Authentication form is also supported.


Online Live Meeting

Have a Secure Live Meeting with your Agents and Employees with File Demonstration, Video, Audio and Chat Integrated.


VPN Extension To Office

Request a secure VPN access to your Data or even Server and access these information anytime like you are sitting in our office.

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BPO Call Center Philippines is an around the clock Ticketing System HelpDesk Software and Customer Support Services, it is what every business needs to stay competitive in today’s Technology. Serving the call center outsourcing needs of our clients, BPO Call Center Philippines has been successfully providing professional customer support services for decades.

Our experienced Customer Support Agents are managed by true professionals with high quality standards. Our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality Ticketing System HelpDesk Software and customer support services around the clock at low cost.

Take advantage of our Ticketing System HelpDesk software offers and learn firsthand how our professional customer support services will enhance your business. We understand the importance of a Ticketing System HelpDesk software solution that can be specifically adapted to your individual needs. For more information, you can always reach out to us through our Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you through one of our live agents!

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