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Website Package

Website Package Services

With today’s technology and with the unlimited options and services it offers, setting up a website with your own personal domain is just as fast, easy and affordable with just a few clicks. Our company provides space on our own server that can be used and ask you to sit back and relax, we will be the one to build everything from scratch with our Website Package services.

We specialize in web development, website redesign and Search Engine Optimization, we do target online SEO and marketing schemes to boost websites and businesses online. We also have service plans to keep you covered and prices for any budget. For more information, you can always reach out to us through Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you with one of our live agents.

What Will Our Website Package Offer You?


Design And Development

We have got best in class Web Developers that will design and develop your website with the latest trends and technology.


Web Hosting

We will host that same website in our Data-Center and take such a burden from you and ask you to sit back and relax and watch our team working.


Domain And DNS

We will offer you the domain of your choice and build all the required DNS and Mail Exchange entries.


Email Package

Within our Website Package is an Email package that will carry your professional Domain Name and all Email Alias needed.



Can be done by your IT Team or we can take care of it and save you cost. We have the best in the field with decades of hands on working experience and Professional Certifications and Education, 24/7 around the clock.


Real-Time Monitoring

Get your server monitored through Heart Beats Probing. The probing mechanism will send you an email in case your server is not responding on time so you can take immediate action.


Off-Site Disaster Recovery Plan

A DRP is never an easy plan and we understand that. If your plan is to provide a DRP to your office or enterprise then you came to the right place. Whether you wanna Load Balance traffic between different locations or provide a DRP to your office, we are there for it.


Secure VPN To Your Site

Your Websitite Administration and Remote Access is never exposed to the internet. We take a step further and provide a secure VPN tunnel to your resources, and can restrict access based on IP Address or a Subnet Mask if required.


Web Application Firewall

We always take a step further from our competition. We provide a Web Application Firewall, to all our Website Package, with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.


Proxy Firewall-All Protocols

A Proxy Firewall with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for All Protocols is always sitting in place between the server and the internet, no direct connection is ever permitted.


Server Load Balance

We can host an unlimited number of Virtual Server for all TCP UDP Protocols. For your clients, it appears as just one server. This is a highly available approach. The Load Distribution, Scalability, and Maintenance Schedules you will admire.


Reverse Authentication

Our Proxies can authenticate users directly instead of the real servers or in the absence of authentication on your server. A 2way factor authentication between the Proxy and the server, and Proxy and your clients. This will ensure that your users will only authenticate once, even if multiple virtual server is in place. Your Branded Authentication form is also supported.


Load Balanced Internet

We have over 5 Internet connections with huge bandwidth. They are professionally Load Balanced over UTM Firewalls in Active/Active Mode. Adding more connections and bandwidth is always an easy plan.


Power Backup

Our entire network is running over Battery System, backed up through a Power Generator Set with Automatic switches waiting to kick in any second. We just wanna make sure that we can work in peace.


SEO Optimization

We will make sure that your Website Package is SEO friendly and will rank over all Search Engines.


Content Writing

We have got Skilled content writers to your website package that will make sure your contents are to the point and SEO friendly.


Web Caching

We got massive caching services over our Proxies to make sure that your contents are served as fast as possible to your clients. It helps your website SEO score.


Mobile Friendly

We will build from scratch a Mobile and Tablets friendly website that can be virtually viewed over any device without loosing it's shape and balance.


Secure TLS Certificate

We will build and configure your Transport Layer Security Certificate over your Server for HTTPS encrypted sessions.


Statistics And Reporting

Get these golden information of who accessed your website, IP Address, Geo-Location, what did they browse and whether they came direct, referred or came through a specific Search Engine.


Secure Live-Chat

We will customize and brand your Live-Chat and place it over your website package. Questions, concerns and inquiries will be resolved immediately.


Ticketing System & FAQs

We will customize and brand your Ticketing System and place it over your website. Questions, concerns and inquiries will be resolved immediately.

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About Our Website Package

BPO Call Center Philippines is an around the clock Website Package Services and Customer Support Services, it is what every business needs to stay competitive in today’s Technology. Serving the call center outsourcing needs of our clients, BPO Call Center Philippines has been successfully providing professional customer support services for decades.

Our experienced Customer Support Agents are managed by true professionals with high quality standards. Our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality Website Package Services and customer support services around the clock at low cost.

Take advantage of our Website Package Services and learn firsthand how our professional customer support services will enhance your business. We understand the importance of a Website Package Services solution that can be specifically adapted to your individual needs. For more information, you can always reach out to us through our Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you through one of our live agents!

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