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Just sit back and relax. Let us handle your entire Business Process or just parts of it, and enjoy our Enterprise Class Business Process Outsource Services. We will support, enhance and expand Your Business as well as Cut Down Your Cost! Outsource and Scale As You Grow. Rev Up Your Business to the highest RPM possible and get the best out of it, we've got Packages for all SME Business. Give us your best shot and bring Success, Growth, Profits, Talents to Your Business!
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Who We Are

BPO Call Center Philippines is an around the clock Call Center Software and Customer Support Services, it is what every business needs to stay competitive in today’s Technology. Serving the call center outsourcing needs of our clients, BPO Call Center Philippines has been successfully providing professional customer support services for decades.

Our experienced Customer Support Agents are managed by true professionals with high quality standards. Our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality Call Center Software and customer support services around the clock at low cost.

Take advantage of our call center software offers and learn firsthand how our professional customer support services will enhance your business. We understand the importance of a call center software solution that can be specifically adapted to your individual needs. For more information, you can always reach out to us through our Live-Chat or Toll Free Numbers and we will assist you through one of our live agents!

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Why Should You Outsource With Us?

Your Shortest To The Enterprise!


Built from scratch to achieve the perfect work environment without compromising comfort and feasibility. Large parking space, dinning and peaceful areas for the Agents to keep their eyes off monitors for a while and have a moment with themselves and office mates. Plenty of restrooms and facilities for trainings without competing for our outsourcing clients.


Best in class Network, System, Security, VOIP, WEB engineers to keep your business running and in best shape. Outsourcing with us will not only keep your business steady and in best possible condition but it will give you the opportunity to grow it and the confidence to expand beyond limits. Break free, you are in best hands. Get your advise today.


Do we rely on third parties that today may exist and tomorrow may throw us in the middle of the traffic for any reason? The answer is NO. Everything resides in our data-center and built from scratch to satisfy and meet our clients standards and requirements. It help us to speed about any process, tightens our security policies and serve our clients better.


Single point of failure is something we always strive to avoid, not just on the software and hardware level but also on the Process and Services level. Mission critical applications always require some sort of attention and planning and it has to be done the right way. We always go these extra miles for our outsourcing clients and their business.


Top notch hardened, secure systems to maintain information confidentiality as well as uptime for our outsourcing clients, done by the best in class Engineers, hardware as well as software. Maintaining a secure network for our outsourcing clients is never an easy task, mostly skipped over by other competitors in the field. We never treat this concept lightly nor overlook it.


We have been in the call center business for decades, we just love it and we do it best. Landing you correctly and wisely is our task, while maintaining speed and accuracy. Take full advantage of our experience in the field and let us help you achieve your goals, we will always advise, recommend, educate and orient when needed and the decision is always yours.


It takes a lot to be on the top. Leading the Call Center industry since three decades is our job. Expecting and planning for the industry changes and latest technologies and trends is not something light, and adopting to these changes was a real challenge to the majority in the industry. We strive hard to see things coming and adopt to it early and accordingly without disturbing our current clients.


High availability and Engineering is a key, good HR and Supervisors, Trainers, Recruiting the right skills is another key. A genuine Management Team and CEOs who are always making sure that everything is working in harmony is yet another important key. We are just one perfect team in the right place and domain. When scaling from 500 seats into a 2000 seats is never an issue nor a problem.


Again, the word in house is the elephant in the room. Where Engineering and Development skills go hand in hand and form a big Think Tank to fulfill our long term plans for both, our Clients and Operation and Productivity. The idea of relying on another entity to do our job is against our philosophy and standards. We are just no traditional call center. Get your advise today on how to start.

Complete InHouse Services

Or let's customize a service for You!


Take full advantage of our Inbound VOIP customer service. Inexpensive inbound rates covering the globe at any given moment with dedicated and shared Agents. Custom IVR and Welcome Message with Crystal clear Audio and call recording when the need arise to. Your calls are our top priority and your clients are never left hanging in queues, we provide best in class services with outstanding fast response and reporting.


Dedicated Agents ready to take your campaigns to the next level and close deals and sales for you. Backed up by our in house, best in class, CRM solution and Data Entry for data mining and reporting for your convenience. Reporting can go live securely, should you wish, for viewing via our Live Portals. A secure VPN Tunnel can be built if required to view information and engage with your Agents securely.


Let us promote your Branding Name and Products as well as your services. Whether via Email, Inbound, Outbound, Social Media, LiveChat or even Web Presence. Even a good Search Engine Optimization plan, and the right team, serves as a part of a huge Telemarketing Strategy. Take full advantage of in house complete services over these matter, on the software, hardware and Engineering level.


Best in class LiveChat software that we host locally over our secure network. Canned Messages, Geo Location, File Transfer, SSL/TLS, Customization and Branding, Data Mining, Rating, Group Chat, Chat Bots and much more. Plus that, we offer exceptional LiveChat Agents that would serve your clients and business 24/7 and increase your sales. Livechat can be even customized to be a sub domain under your company domain name. Frequently asked questions as well as Ticketing System can be built and customized as well should you need it.

Data Entry

Looking for a customized, secure, Web Application that would allow your business to fill and retrieve any kind of information with all the customization needed? With search capabilities based on any kind of criteria? Well, you came to the right place. Backed up with a Managed Enterprise grade secure Database and built from the ground up with talented Engineers. Let us know your requirements and we will make it a reality. Whether you are a hospital, hotel, resort, airport, doctor or any type of SME Business, we have got the right plan for you.


Virtualization services are offered everywhere, but we go extra miles on security. Your virtual or physical server is never left facing all kinds of threats over the internet. Place your server behind one of our Proxies, Unified Threats Management, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Servers, Application Layer Firewalls as well as our Web Application Firewalls. If you are looking for a top notch security facility to place your virtual of physical server, then you came to the right place, we will guarantee uptime and the best in class security platform.


Build and customize your customer relationship management on the fly. With all the required fields, modules and search criteria based on your current requirements. Backed up With a database and daily, as well as hourly, scheduled backup, your data is always safe. Import and Export from all major CRM brands as well as unlimited users with Email Integration. Access can be restricted based on IP Address, Domain Name as well as VPN only access, just to make sure we are covering all your Access Control requirements. Get your CRM under your domain with SSL certificate today!

Email Services

With the preferred domain name of your choice, your email services can be started right away. Unlimited Aliases and no quotas or caps is a no problem. Get that configured and integrated with your CRM, LiveChat, Ticketing System and Voicemail and you would be golden! Speedy access as well as best in class anti-spam engines, anti-virus engines, file extension blocking, DNS, Routing, quotas control, file attachment size control, blacklisting, greylisting, BATv as well as MIME support. We will be taking your email services experience to the next level and far beyond all expectations!

Ticketing System

We will help you chose your brand Logo, Domain name, TLS Certificate and we are going to customize everything for you. Teams and Departments, escalations, Internal Sophisticated Routing, integrated with your CRM, LiveChat, FAQs and Email. Get your list of trouble issues, receive the tickets and evaluate them, escalate them, then we will get back to your valuable clients in a timely fashion. Combing that with our Talented Supervisors and Agents, your support process will flourish. Providing best in class Ticketing system, procedures in a managed controlled fashion is a must for your business success.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a very long process, complicated task and it requires a lot of steady work and a good professional team to be done right. You may not have the time nor the correct team to do it. That's why we are here, to help you achieve your goals, yield you best results and cut down your cost. We never overcharge and we have dedicated teams for your tasks and requirements. Enjoy the perfect web presence and let us do it for you from A to Z.

Content Writing

We understand that content writing is boring and not for the faint of heart, but heavily needed for the success of your business and attracting your customers. A team that will communicate with you daily if needed, understand your target and goals and lay that down in perfect articles. They can also work solo on their own independently in case you're busy and take the perfect decisions and routes. Start hiring some today with no strings attached and let us fulfill your goals.

Data Mining

Data Mining is just like good food, everybody loves to eat it, yet nobody likes to prepare it. BCCP promises excellent data mining that would not only make stay on top of plethora of information and data, but also allows you to engage with your customers on a different level and bring you more business. Get the processed data you need without moving a muscle for it and cut down your cost if you were to do it by yourself. We stand behind our words for an A to Z operation.


We will manage and audit your Payroll, Expenditures, Purchases, financial and non financial information as well as calculate your taxes on your behalf. Not just that, we will always recommend the best and shortest legal path to get the best out of your taxes with our Accounting Experts. Reach with us today and enjoy the best in class accounting services and financial advisories.

Web Design

A dedicated professional web developers will be working on your website and back-end E-Commerce, which is the front door of any business in today's technology. We will build it from scratch and always make sure it's in best shape, secured, up-to-date and SEO Optimized. Daily reporting will be provided as well as Google Analytics. BCCP is your one stop shopping place!

Web Hosting

We won't leave you half way to decide where you're going to host it, will we? We offer the best in class web hosting and we guarantee uptime as well as ultimate in-depth security. Secure remote access will be given to your web server as well as your e-commerce back-end. Auditing and daily reporting will be provided too. The best pricing and services you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Seat Lease

We know it seems complex and hard to start a good business, for that main reason we are here. The startup expenditures, future growth may turn you off. You may have tried seat lease somewhere in time and refused the idea due to lack of security, uptime, manageability, features, services and the like. We are here to change that bad experience and FOREVER. You can now scale beyond boundaries without sacrificing cost.

Virtual Office

Your main problem is cost, correct? Tag along with us today! Enjoy all our services, amenities, hardware, Engineers, Planners, Human Resource, Accounting and top notch availability and security for a fraction of the cost. Anything you will ask for is present and would be implemented on the fly. Give us a call or chat with one of our representative to get into full details. Start now and fulfill your dream, we will obviously make it real!


We will take care of your Store and help you sell all your products online. Shipping and handling as well as allow you to accept payment from all major Gateways. We will take care of all your inventories as well as provide you daily reporting and analytics. Combine that with LiveChat, Email and Ticketing System and you are golden. Request for one of our Representatives and check how we can help you today!

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  • BCCP Call Center Toll-Free Number AUS (AUS) +61-385-184-398
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